Web Design Services

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Website Services Available:

We can build just about anything possible into your website.  Here is a list of some of our most commonly requested web design services:

  • E-Commerce – Sell your items online, securely
  • Music/Video Integration
  • Affiliation with a product or service
  • Social Media Integration – Having your site interface with sites like Facebook or Twitter
  • Contact Pages
  • Website Photo Galleries
  • Custom Web Forum Development
  • Web Based “Ticketing Systems”
  • Just about anything else you can imagine



Additional Web Services:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – We will bring your website and services to the top of internet searches on your product.
  • Web Security Audits – If your site has been compromised or you are just looking to prevent anyone from exploiting your web page, we offer a full range of Internet Security services.
  • Web Hosting – Secure, dependable Web Hosting available at very low rates.
  • Social Media Services – Getting your brand exposed to the internet through as many channels as possible.


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Graphic Design Services

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Standard Graphic Design Services

  • Logo Creation
  • Web Graphics Creation
  • Business Card
  • Brochure and Tear Sheet
  • Letterhead

Additional Graphic Design Services

  • Concept Art For All Media
  • Video Game / App Asset Creation
  • UI Design / Layout

IFD Portfolio for Graphic Design

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About Us

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Our Story:

Interesting name, is it not?  The term “Ideas for Days” started when our company founders used to work together on small creative projects.  Each and every time we met, we would just bounce ideas off of each other for hours on end.  It eventually arrived to the point where we had garnered so much creativity that we NEEDED an outlet to make these ideas come to life.  Fortunately for you, we decided that we would start applying our endless stream of “Ideas for Days” to creative projects!   It started as just small things for friends and family, which barely lasted.  We quickly realized the demand for creative services that were actually… creative.  Today, we have dabbled in just about everything we could get our hands on!  We have dialed in our process for taking creativity and applying it on a practical level to projects that we have the honor of working on.  We really hope that you give us a chance to work on your next creative project and show exactly what Ideas for Days is all about!

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Ideas for Days Studios was founded on the premise of bringing ideas and dreams to life.  Launched in 2010, we have been leaving our mark on the world of media.  We love trying new types of projects and seeing how our creative people can really take a form of media to the next level.  Functionally, IFD Studios has already begun working with the following forms of media:

  • Web design
  • Application design
  • Game design
  • Digital art
  • Video production
  • Story design
  • Other forms of art/design

If you are starting a new project and looking for a fresh take, keep us in mind.  We are always willing to do free consultations for you to see what we can bring to the table.  Check out our Current Projects section for more information on what IFD Studios is working on.  Also, remember to keep an eye on our News and keep up with our latest developments as a studio.
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Our People:

Derek Mischler – Co-Founder and Director of Web Services, Derek is responsible for most of the web content that IFD Studios produces.

Jordan Barker – Co-Founder and Director of Creative Services, Jordan is at the helm of many different projects dealing with art or creative direction.

Devon Mischler – Content Specialist, Devon mainly finds himself working to bring our crazy concepts and ideas to life.

Samantha Neilson – Customer Service Specialist, Samantha keeps communication open with our customers to make their experience as great as possible.

Michael Scharenbrock – Midwest Regional Account Manager, Michael heads up all of our Midwest accounts and makes sure our customers are taken care of.

Andrew Matisko – Development Specialist, Andy helps our customers code their custom needs for their websites and applications.

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